Friday, August 29, 2014

Unusual -ine Names

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The -ine suffix is very feminine, almost all names that end in -ine are female. It's a fairly popular ending, with names such as Madeline and Caroline in the top 100. However, there are some undiscovered gems, including my favorite guilty pleasure name- Pomeline!

Apolline- A pretty name that would be nice to honor a Pauline with.

Capucine- The only problem with her being the similarity to Cappuccino.

Celandine- Ultra-feminine. Call her Cela for short.

Celestine- Another one of my favorite guilty pleasure names. I think I even like her more than Celeste.

Delphine- Gorgeous. One I hear often in the baby name community.

Eponine- Les Mis put this one in the spotlight for a while, but she never got much use.

Faustine- I was enthralled by this name as a seventh grader. She seemed beautiful and exotic, until one of my friends pointed out she sounds like frosting.

Leontine- Lovely name for a lioness, or your strong-willed daughter.

Lexine- Want Lexi but hate Alexandra? Lexine is a fabulous choice.

Lucine- A quirky way to get to Lucy.

Ottoline- Ottoline or Ottilie? I can't decide, but either one would make a great and unusual pick for an American baby girl.

Pomeline- She's French and means apple. One of my favorites, plus how cute is the nickname Pomme?

P.S. I pronounce all these names with an -een sound at the end, but some of them can have the -eyne sound, depending on your preference.

P.P.S. I'm off on Labor Day, so see you guys on the 3rd!


  1. I love your blog.
    It's so interesting to hear your perspective since you are in the high school era right now. Sometimes I am surprised by the names you feel are tired or the names you feel are fresh. You're a forerunner for the future of names!
    Anyway, keep up the great work! Your pintrest page is the only one I stalk because of the names. :)

    1. Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to know that you love my site. XOXO