Friday, May 16, 2014

Song Names: The Rolling Stones

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Happy Friday! I'm back with another installment of Song Names, this time from The Rolling Stones. These names don't have the same cutesy feel as The Beatles, but many of them are very useable. Take a look.

Angie- She's not used much in her own right these days, but Angie would make a sweet nickname for all those Angelinas and Evangelines.
Claudine- You're more likely to meet a Claudia, but the -dine names are beginning to sound retro. Save this one for a few years.
Fanny- We're seeing a rise in Fran- names, but Fanny probably won't make a comeback. Lookout for Frannie though.
Jane- Sweet, loveable Jane. What's not to like?
Melody- Great choice for music lovers.
Mercy- One parent loves the Rolling Stones, the other loves Kanye? Name the baby Mercy, problem solved.
Ruby- Ruby is such a happy name. I expect her to break the top 100 this year.
Virginia- She's slightly dated, but call her Vivi, Gigi, or Ginger to spice her up.
Winter- This season name is newly up for consideration.

Jack- Always a classic. You can't go wrong with Jack.

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