Friday, May 23, 2014

Song Names: ABBA

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Do you guys have that one band that is totally not your style but you love them anyways? For me, ABBA is that band. Swedish 70s pop might be the exact opposite of my usual indie rock. They have an interesting mix of names throughout their songs, take a look.

Cassandra- I'm not sure if I'd call her a modern classic, but she doesn't sound dated to my ears.
Helen- Ready for a comeback? All the other El- names have, so why not?
Jeanie- I can see Jean, but Jeanie is a stretch.
Mia- Very popular, no one would get the reference.
Nina- The song is Nina, Pretty Ballerina, so you better hopes she likes to dance.
Piper- Cute and peppy.
Suzy- This spelling seems dated to me. Try Susie.

Bobby- If you're looking for a nickname for Robert, try Robby or Bertie.
Fernando- This is the only one on the list where I could see people understanding the connection.
Livingston- It might take a while for him to learn how to spell it, but Livingston is a great name.

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