Monday, May 19, 2014

Alternatives to Emma

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Emma is a very loveable name. She's poised to take the top spot from Sophia, which means she's very popular indeed. Lots of people love Emma, but don't want to commit to such a popular name. Fortunately there are some other options that are similar to Emma in terms of sight, sound, and style.

Elle- She sits safely in the 300s, so popularity is not an issue, but the actress Elle Fanning has made her name rise quite a bit.
Esme- A wonderful literary name.
Etta- Funky retro Etta is a great choice for parents avoiding Emma and Ella.

Emer- She's pronounced EE-mer, and is a delightful French name.
Enya- A little Enya would feel right at home with other preschoolers named Emma, Anya, and Oona.
Gemma- Seemingly very British, but would work well on an American child.

Eliza- She's got the same old-fashioned feel as Emma, while still being modern.
Imogen- An up-and-comer. Idgie is a cute nickname.
Nina- Elegant and short, just like Emma.

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