Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 C Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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We're on to C names today. This week is the girls, and it's an excellent group. If you're looking for a C name (way) less trendy than Charlotte or Chloe, I've got your back. Take a look.

Calais- I think names that end in -lais are gorgeous. Calais is a wonderful name, and makes a great middle as well, due to the emphasis on the second syllable.

Cameo- One of my favorite word names. Name your daughter Cameo, then decorate her nursery in vintage silhouettes. It will be awesome.

Carmela- A very sweet name that is often overlooked.

Celestine- Celeste ranks at 469. Too popular for you? Try Celestine, her cooler, moodier older sister.

Ciel- More creative than naming your baby Sky.

Circe- I'm not a big fan of Greek names, but I adore Circe. She's upbeat and spunky.

Citron- Citron is one of my guilty pleasure names. She's a little outlandish, but I think people would get over it.

Cleo- It baffles me that people don't use Cleo. Every -eo name is so popular, how could she have missed the boat? I say take her for yourself. Another cute spelling is Clio, like Abby's daughter.

Clove- I thought this name was going to get a boost from The Hunger Games but it didn't. She's more modern than Clover, and a great name for a foodie.

Coral- Has Downton Abbey made your favorite girl name too trendy? Darn. Give Coral a chance, she'd be super adorable on a baby, plus you have a built in color scheme for the nursery.

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