Friday, April 18, 2014

Song Names: The Beatles

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So many musicians have songs titled with (mostly female) names. The Beatles are no exception. Their songs offer great inspiration for baby names. And how fun would it be to have a special "name song?"

Anna- Classic and elegant.
Bonnie- I have always thought Bonnie would be super sweet on a baby.
Clarabella- Pick one.
Eleanor- The song is sad, but there are other great songs with Eleanor in the title.
Heather- Too dated for a baby.
Julia- She will always be in style.
Lizzy- A cute nickname for Elizabeth
Lucille- Beautiful on her own or called Lucy.
Lucy- Always sweet.
Maggie Mae- I'm not usually a fan of alliterating names, but I really like Maggie Mae.
Martha- Super wearable. I am a Martha advocate. More people should use her.
Mary Jane- Not sure about the combo, but either on their own are nice.
Penny- Lovely, and now Penelope is back in style, so there's a perfect full name for her.
Prudence- Not quite ready for revival.
Rita- Ooh, I could see this one being cute on a young girl.
Sadie- I love Sadie, but prefer Zadie.
Sally- Why not?

Johnny- I think it would work on a baby.
Jude- Great name, great song.
Lane- Preppy.
Robert- I like it. You can call him Bertie.
Rocky- Cute if he's short for Rockwell.
Teddy- A great nickname that works for so many names.

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