Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Olly Names

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You don't hear a lot of -olly names around anymore. Molly was popular a while back, but other than that, they have fallen off the radar. Many of them would sound right at home with today's baby names, so why not consider an -olly name?

Holly- She sounds slightly momish, but would make a sweet nickname for any of the Holl- names.
Molly- She's currently more popular for dogs than babies, but still holds her charm.

Dolly- She still has that Dolly Parton feel, but she is beginning to feel more useable.
Olly- Usually spelled Ollie, I often hear this one as a nickname for Oliver. But why not Olive or Olivia?
Polly- She started out as a nickname for Mary, but she would not be used that way today. Use her to honor a Paul.

Unheard of:
Lolly- Lolly (or Lollie) is cute and spunky. I would only use her as a nickname though.
Nolly- Another Oliver/Olive/Olivia nickname that would be adorable on a baby.

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