Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Modern -lie and -ly Names

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Many people would agree, three syllable names that end with the -ly sound are pretty cute. Emily has been popular for a long time, but there are other names that have a similar sound, but are way less popular. Take a look.
Amelie- Amelie is darling. And the movie makes me love her even more (it's one of my favorites).
Emily- Yes, she's popular, but for a reason. Emily is a versatile name that works on so many girls.
Natalie- Like Emily, she's very popular but holds up well. I can picture Natalies of all ages.

Cecily- Peppy and cute, but wearable on a adults as well.
Coralie- Downton Abbey has made Cora fresh again, so why not go a step further and choose Coralie?
Rosalie- Out of all the Rose names, she seems the most modern right now.

Unheard of:
Aurelie- Aurelia may be too much, but Aurelie is sweet (and a good alternative to Aurora).
Eulalie- You don't hear a lot of Eu- names nowadays, but Eulalie would be perfect for a baby.
Ottilie- Call her Tilly.

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