Monday, April 14, 2014

Full Names for Lottie

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I'm surprised I don't hear about more Lotties. I know many Charlottes, but the prominent nickname is definitely Charlie. Lottie is much more feminine, and fits in with many of today's popular names. She's a great name to consider, even if Charlotte is not quite your style.

Charlotte- When people think Lottie, they think Charlotte (or maybe just baby namers, who knows?)
Lotta- I prefer Lotta over Lottie. The "A" sound makes her seem a little more refined.

Carlotta- Perfect for families with Latin and Scandinavian heritage.
Loretta- Sarah Jessica Parker put Loretta in the middle spot for one of her twins. Could she make a comeback in a few years?
Lotte- I had Lotte on my own list for a while. I love short names, but I worry that Lotte is too short.

Unheard of:
Lieselotte- This would be a lot to saddle a baby with, but using Lottie as a nickname makes it acceptable.
Lolita- Lolita should get more use. She has the trendy double "L," so why not?
Lotus- They have different "O" sounds, but Lottie would make a sweet nickname for the adventurous Lotus.

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