Friday, April 4, 2014

Full Names for Elsie

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Elsie is such a wonderful name. I love her as a nickname for Elsa, but I'm worried that Elsa's popularity will rise as a result of Frozen. If you want some other great names that shorten to Elsie, I have some picks for you.

Elise- Elise is surprisingly common, ranking 151. Rearrange her letters to get Elsie.
Elizabeth- Pair this uncommon nickname with the classic Elizabeth.
Elsa- The obvious choice. I adore Elsa.

Elisa- Not nearly as common as Elise, but very similar.
Ellis- Use Elsie to make this unisex name girly.
Eloise- Literary darling.

Unheard of:
Ellison- Usually used as a boy name, but Elsie makes an unexpected and sweet nickname.
Elspeth- A lovely form of Elizabeth that should be used more often.
Elysia- Hardly used, but her sounds are in vogue.

I apologize for the boring week, my Spring Break starts tomorrow and I have a fun week planned out. More great posts are coming, including my Junior Research Paper, which is all about names and destiny. Have a good weekend!

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