Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Alternatives to Isabella

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People love Isabella. She's ranked number one is past years, and while she's falling, she's certainly still popular. For many she is too popular, in that case alternatives are needed. Here are some great ones.

Isabeau- I love the name Isabeau. This is an amazing choice for adventurous parents.
Isadora- Slightly clunky but completely charming.
Isannah- A great exotic choice.

Annabella- She has all the frills Isabella has.
Arabella- She's so pretty in her own right, I wouldn't even use the nickname Bella.
Gabriella- Gabriella is climbing the charts, but is not at Isabella's level. Yet.

Cassandra- I personally prefer Cassie over Izzy.
Ivanna- Not popular, and has a similar feel to Isabella.
Juliana- She would make a great sister for Isabella.

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