Friday, March 7, 2014

Texting Shorthand and Slang Inspired Names

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We've all heard of the parents who named their kid Hashtag. That seems over the top, but this list proves that tech inspired names can at least sound useable. P.S.- I consider all of these names to be "Unheard of" so there will be no ranking system today.

Aisi- Shorthand for As I See It, Aisi could be pronounced AY-see or EYE-see. Bonus points- I didn't know this was a shorthand term, so this is an easy one to get away with.
Ily- Ily is short for I Love You, and is very well-known. I think it works, but I would spell it Illy or Illie to avoid confusion.
Ilys- Pronounced like Elise, Ilys means I Love You So. Stick with Elise.
Iolo- This one doesn't actually stand for anything, but it's pronounced like Yolo, so it fits. While he may have once been wearable, those days are gone.
Lol- Everyone knows LOL means Laughing Out Loud, so this one doesn't work as a full name. However, Miley Cyrus played a Lola called Lol in the movie by the same name. That convinces me of her use as a nickname.
Orly- This is my favorite of the list. Orly stands for Oh Really, but makes a cute name, especially as a nickname for Orla or Orlaith.

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