Monday, March 31, 2014

Full Names for Nikki, etc.

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These days, Nikki was most likely your friend's childhood nickname (or if you're my age, your mom's childhood nickname). In fact, the little girls with names on this list are probably Nico or Colette. We still see Nikki around, even on younger generations. One such Nikki won the most recent season of The Bachelor. So whether you want to call your daughter Nikki, Nico, Colette, Coco, or the like, I have come up with some names you should consider.

Nicole- She sounds very dated now.
Nicolette- I think this is a good choice, my only hesitation is that is sounds like Nicorette.
Veronica- Veronica sounds slightly dated, but that gives her charm. Ready for revival.

Monica- Another dated one, but less so if you call her Nico.
Nicola- A fresh way to honor a Nicole.
Nicolina- A fanciful elaboration.
Nicoline- I would go with Nicolina

Unheard of:
Danica- She has two great namesakes, Danica Patrick and Danica McKellar.
Nika- Sweet and spunky. She doesn't need a nickname.
Nikita- She comes with bonus nickname Kiki.
Nikolia- This Greek name would be a great choice for families looking to honor a Nicole as well as their heritage.

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