Monday, March 24, 2014

Alternatives to Sophia

Sophia is my real name, and I've always hated how popular she's become. She's a beautiful name, but worn by too many girls. Here are some options for alternatives for Sophia, whether you're in love with her sight, sound, or style.

Simona- Simona is a beautiful name, but would often get confused for Simone.
Sophronia- Making Sophia even more princessy.
Sosie- I adore Sosie. She makes a great alternative to the nickname Sophie. I like her on her own, buy many see her as a short for Sophia or Josephine.

Fiona- She's lost her ogre touch. Go ahead and use her.
Ophelia- Lovely and Shakespearian.
Phoebe- I adore Phoebe. I expect to see her on the rise.

Bianca- She's got the Latin flair Sophia has, but is way less common.
Josephine- Josephine is great, and has many wonderful nicknames.
Louisa- My latest favorite nicknames for Louisa are Loulie and Lilou.

I couldn't find the image credit, if anyone can find it, please tell me!

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