Friday, March 21, 2014

Alternatives to Olivia

Image Credit- Me (Photoshop Skills)
Many parents think Olivia is a great name for a girl, but want something less common. Whether you're in love with the sight, sound, or style of Olivia, I have some options for you that are under the radar.

Octavia- She starts with "O" and ends in -ia, just like Olivia. Plus, the nickname Tavi is cute and way less common than Livi (and there's Tavi Gevinson, I love her).
Olivette- Normally Olive would be on this list, but she's getting common, so on to the next similar name, Olivette. Yes, she seems like a little much, but the Olive- sound puts her on trend.
Ophelia- This beautiful Shakespearian name does not get enough attention.

Liviana- She sounds like a blend of Olivia and Liliana, which many of today's parents will see as a plus.
Viva- Viva is a pretty name meaning "life."
Vivian- I hesitate to put her on this list since she's getting so common, but she's no where near Olivia, so Vivian is a good option for parents who want something in between top ten and top 200.

Adriana- She's the feminine form of Adrian, and has a similar make-up to Olivia.
Alexia- Peppier than Alexandra, but just as many syllables.
Carlotta- Carlotta is used more by Latin families, but would make a great sister name to Olivia.

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