Thursday, November 21, 2013

Geography Names: State Names

We did State Capital Names, but what about the states themselves? These are a perfect way to honor your heritage.

Carolina- A nice, fresher take on Caroline.
Dakota- Literally the most unisex name out there- split 50/50.
Georgia- My favorite of this list, she's so sweet and lovely.
Indiana- It works for either gender, if you consider Indiana Jones. Indy/Indie is a cute nickname.
Rhode(s)- You probably have to tack an "S" on the end to make it work, but Rhodes sounds simple and clean.
Virginia- Due for a comeback, and ripe with nicknames.

Alaska- Made usable by John Green's popular book- Looking for Alaska
California-Also wearable on both genders, call them Cal or Cali/Callie.
Florida- Better than you think, and comes with the nickname Flora.
Louisiana- A mouthful, but an interesting option for Lulu.
Maine- Crisp and clean. Makes a wonderful middle name for a son.
Tennessee- New celebrity baby name, but still outlandish.
York- Preppy and cool.

Unheard of:
Alabama- Only if you're from Alabama, please.
Arizona- Does the nickname Ari make this one usable?
Colorado- Conjures up images of ski slopes, but I prefer Aspen.
Hampshire- Very cool choice. Only downfall (or plus side)- no nicknames.
Montana- Unexpected, but not too out-there.
Nevada- Better than Vegas, but still a little tacky.
Washington- He might be too much for a little boy to handle. Stick him in the middle.

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