Friday, November 22, 2013

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Duggar Baby No. 20

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Have you heard the news? Mega-family and reality TV stars the Duggars are expecting baby number twenty. Here are some of my predictions for the name of their latest arrival, sticking with the "J" theme.

Safe: Jacelyn, Jacey, Jade, Jane, Janelle, Jemma, Jersey, Jessa, Julia, Juliette, June
Daring: Jacqueline, January, Jasmine, Jemima, Jenevieve, Jessamine, Jetta, Jocelyn, Jolie, Juno
Out-there: Jacinta, Jenesis, Joella, Juniper

Safe: Jaden, Jareth/Jarett, Jasper, Jonah, Jonas, Jude, Julian, Julius
Daring: Jagger, Jarvis, Jensen, Jet, Justice
Out-there: Jabez, Jerusalem, Jethro, Journey

My top picks: Juliette for a girl and Jonah for a boy.

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