Friday, December 7, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: North

Today's Christmas Baby Name is truly unisex- I'm talking about North. North is a word name that means "the direction North." While I prefer it for a girl, North is more on trend with the boys. It has a tough girl/boy vibe, and goes along well with names like Arrow or Fawn.

North is very up-and-coming. It is a pretty new name, inspired by its trendy brothers Weston and Easton. There are no famous Norths yet, but we'll probably see a celebrity use this one in the next few years.

North is an unusual appellation that conjures up pictures of snow and ice, perfect for a winter or holiday baby. North makes my own list (for girls, not boys) and I would love to see somebody use it. It's a great name that is suitable for either gender.

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  1. Reading old posts and almost yelled CALLED IT out loud when I got to the part about celebrity names! Right on!