Thursday, December 13, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Nicholas

The next installment in our 25 Days of Christmas series is Nicholas. Nicholas is a Greek name meaning "people of victory." He is currently ranked at #42, but peaked in the mid-nineties at #6. He is considered a classic by many, Nicholas has been in the top 200 ever since the 1880s (when they started taking name data.)

Nicholas has many great nicknames, ranging from the classic Cole, Colin, Nick, or Nicky, to the on-trend Nico. Some famous Nicholas' include Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, and Nicolas Sparks, the author.

Nicholas is great for a baby born any month of the year. His ties to "Saint Nick" could help make a subtle themed sib set. Nicholas is a well-regarded classic, he would make a great choice for a holiday baby boy.

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