Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Bell

Bell is our Christmas Name of the Day. She is a cousin of  Belle and Bella, however her origins are much different. Bell originated as a surname and occupational name, she means "ringer of the bell." She reached her height in 1884, at 275. She completely dropped off the charts in the year 1915. Some would say that Bell looks incomplete, but others will like her simplicity and rather musical ere.

There are no famous Bells, however you may recognize the name from Galt Niederhoffer's book, A Taxonomy of Barnacles. Bell Barnacle is the name of the eldest daughter in the book. (Rumor has is that Maggie Gyllanhaal will be playing Bell in the movie adaptation.)

Bell would make a lovely name for a daughter born around the Holidays. She reminds us of Christmas Caroling and the sounds of Christmastime (plus "Silver Bells" would make a cute lullaby.)

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