Sunday, May 15, 2011

Names With the -ara Sound

When you think of names with the -ara sound at the end, your first thought will most likely be Sarah. She was in the top ten, from '78 to '02. Like me, you probably know many Sarahs of all ages. Here are some other less popular -ara sounding names

Ara- This Arabic name is just okay to me.
Cara- I like this name, but it reminds me too much of Jon and Kate plus 8.
Clara- I really like this name. It's very beautiful, and it means bright.
Farrah- I don't like this name at all. It sounds very stuck-up to me.
Kara- Another form of Cara. I don't like this spelling as much.
Tamara- It sounds very 70's to me, probably because she would have the nickname Tammy.
Tara- I don't mind this one. Tara is one of the better ones on this list.
Vara/Vera- I like it pronounced VEAR-uh, but not VARE-uh.

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