Monday, May 9, 2011

Mamma Mia! The Names From the Movie

As you may or may not know, Mamma Mia! is my favorite movie. It's not because I share a name with the main character (though that's pretty cool), but instead because I love movie musicals. I thought I would analyze the characters and actors names today.

Sophia (Sophie)- A beautiful name of course, but WAY too overused.
Amanda- She is one of my favorite actresses, but her name is too plain. The "man" in there bothers me.
Donna- A good choice for a women that age, but it's personally not my style.
Meryl- I really like this name. It's not too feminine, but very stylish (Meryl Streep is my all time favorite actress).
Sam- Could they have picked more boring names for these men? Sam is so boring.
Pierce- Very interesting. I prefer Pierre, the French version, but I can see Pierce getting popular.
Harry- Again, a boring choice. I am surprised that this name isn't more popular today, considering our country's love for Harry Potter.
Colin: This name is okay. It reminds me of a colon.
Bill- I get why they used this form of William, but I prefer Will or especially Liam.
Stellan: This is a really cool name. I wouldn't use it, but it sounds like stellar, which is completly awesome!
Sky: Eww. I hate this name for a boy. I hate it for a girl too, but especially for a guy.
Dominic: This is an amazing name. It sounds cool and modern, but not flashy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Look forward to more movie character name analyses!

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